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Studies show that only 20-25% of all employed professionals are proactively looking for a new job. While they're the easiest to recruit, focusing your efforts on them risks overlooking a large pool of high-value, passive job seekers. It's vital to make sure they are well-represented in your talent pool. After all, you can't hire the best if you don't interview the best!

Target Passive Candidates

Recruiting passive job seekers requires a fundamentally different approach, and an experienced, specially trained recruiter. That's because they're:

  • Not actively looking: They're gainfully employed and rarely self-identify. They are unlikely to react to job postings, respond to calls from recruiters or let their peers know they're looking. They won't find their way to you on their own, so you need to go after them proactively.  

  • More challenging to engage: These top performers have little patience for people who don’t respect their time, lack industry insight or are unprofessional. Less experienced recruiters have a more difficult time commanding their respect.

  • Required confidentiality: It's essential to help them feel comfortable that you'll respect and vigorously protect their confidentiality. We have the business savvy and credibility necessary to provide that assurance.

  • Highly perishable: Since they aren't on the market for long, you need to move quickly once they express interest in making a change. A slow and bureaucratic hiring process will reduce your credibility and increase the risk of counteroffers. We'll work with you to make sure you don't lose hot talent because of unnecessary delays.


Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about our work:


  • “Jeff is one of the best recruiters in the integrated marketing industry. He's a true pro who listens and works creatively to be a solutions provider. I highly recommend as a trusted adviser and someone who delivers on his promises.”


  • “I recently had the good fortune to work with Jeff. Simultaneously, I was working with other recruiters to fulfill my staffing needs. Given the head-to-head nature of the pursuit I had ample opportunity to compare Jeff's approach to those of his competitors. Simply put - Jeff Rothman provides a superior service that connects the right candidates with the position."


  • “Jeff was incredibly thorough. He spent the most time getting to know the position, expectations, our company, culture, etc. He was very responsive and persistent. Also a great listener, and highly intuitive." 

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