Our Services


Our practice has been designed specifically to recruit passive job seekers--the ones who are currently employed, but will consider a change for an exceptional career opportunity that takes them to the next level. 

Our initial conversation will include an initial needs assessment. Based on the results, we'll let you know which of the following two approaches will best fit your search:

  • Contingency Search: A performance-based approach with 100% of your investment tied to successful completion of your search. It's best suited for ongoing openings or those with flexible deadlines. 

  • Priority Search: A better option for searches with urgent deadlines or hard-to-fill positions. Most of your investment is tied to our performance, but an initial retainer makes your search our #1 priority until it’s filled. 

Advantages of Priority Search

Priority Search offers several important benefits:

  • Faster time-to-fill: Results are more predictable and a slate of qualified candidates is usually presented more quickly.

  • Highest Priority: Your search becomes our #1 priority and stays that way until the position is filled.

  • Candidate Exclusivity: We won't bring competing offers to candidates we present to you until you've released them from consideration.

  • Enhanced reference checking: We'll begin checking references after your first interview, accelerating your ability to confidently assess a candidate's fit.

  • Longer replacement period: We give you more time to confirm that your assessment of the candidate is on-target.